Promises (inspired by Jhene Aiko)

I’m in tune with all the things I do because I can’t wait to get home to set up things for you.
Right before you get home from school.
You know we’re really missing you.
Who knew you would be this good?
We love you so we sit up wondering.
We’re always up past midnight,
Making sure you’re alright.
If we ever lost you, we would die.
We know you wouldn’t tell us to let go of life.
Especially with all the things we’ve been put through.
So you know we worry about you.
So I promise we’ll try to make things clear for you.
We love you so we’ll make it through.
So when we do, promise you’ll be alright.
Promise you’ll be alright.

“I promise I’ll be alright.”,

“I promise I’ll be alright.”,

I’ve been working all day without pay and it’s because I can’t feel where I step, so I fall all out of place because I wish that you were in this space.
Next to me where I can see you smiling.
I wish you could hear “ you look like your daddy.”
We really need to remember our youth.
Because it’s when we created you.
I didn’t feel you inside me but I felt your spirit and
somehow it sparked my truth.
I would give everything to have you with me.
I miss you being here near me,
In your mother that I treated shitty.
Sometimes I wish that she would’ve killed me,
But I’m laying in the bed that I made so I can fulfill our biggest wishes.
I hope that daddy makes you happy and makes your mama come and cheer for me.
I fell down but I’ll get back up soon,
but these tears will keep falling until I see you.
Until I see you.

“I promise ill be alright.”
Until I see you,
I’ll try and use up all of my time to make a difference in all our lives,
That speak to me when you’re right beside me.
Right beside me is where you and your mother should’ve been from start.
I hope your mama wakes up smiling.
Because I know sometimes she wakes up at night.
I used to stay up to wake her up if I seen her frowning, she always would wake up and snap out of it.
I miss her pulling my arms to come near her.

I promise she’ll be alright.

I promise to be alright.


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